multi-unit residential + laneway houses + garden suites

Smart density. Many sites we act on consider gentle intensification of use. Could multiple dwellings be considered where one exists currently? What could that look like? Is a lot severance desirable? How does this impact/enhance the neighbourhood? Does the planning framework locally in place support the building proposal? These projects incrementally address housing shortages and increase housing diversity.

Recently, growing efforts have been made from the top down with new policy and permissions to further enable these types of projects to become more prevalent – this includes new policy for laneway houses and garden suites, but also supportive policy for multi-unit main buildings.

The execution of multi-unit projects had been established in our practice as an area of expertise before they became popular and more widely accepted. We are appreciative to see the needed growth in this market sector.

urban infill + mixed use

Situated along major avenues, these projects seek to adapt underutilized, generally 1- and 2-storey commercial storefronts, expanding the housing supply while maintaining commercial character at grade. These projects are desirable and thrive where city infrastructure, transit, and local amenities are readily available. These projects provide increased housing supply at a medium scale and strengthen the local community.


How can we best insight new possibilities for a house and bring them to life? Could it be an interior renovation, or is an addition feasible? Would a new build house be better? Finding imaginative solutions and delivering them in tangible ways is our M.O. for designing beautiful and functional homes to reflect and inspire those who inhabit them.

commercial / education / office / institutional

How to modify or expand an existing building infrastructure and fabric to suit the changing or growing needs for the space. How can the needs of today be best met, with foresight for what tomorrow may bring about. To what extent can existing-in-place building systems be leveraged or salvaged to extend their useful life and be mindful of project impacts. These projects can be straightforward to exceedingly complex and finding an appropriate design response for optimally desirable project delivery is an art and a science.