Who We Are

Brander Architects is an approachable, knowledgeable, and creative design group based in Toronto. Our expertise is rooted in building design within its context of client goals, municipal framework, construction sensibilities, and environmental considerations. Our smart and innovative approach to design is complimented by a friendly disposition, creating a collaborative and welcoming setting for clients.


What We Do

Over the past 10 years, we’ve been designing and leading projects from idea to construction completion. We are inspired by how projects fit within the larger context, then drilling down into the details as unrelenting problem solvers at all scales. With a collaborative team dynamic, and commitment to delivering innovative, sustainable solutions, we are supported by our network of industry partners, and project stakeholders.


How We Do

Each project brings about a unique set of opportunities to be realized in a design. With attentive listening, understanding, and sensibilities from experience to date, we provide a thoughtful and skilled approach. We incorporate invaluable insights gained from past experience, whilst maintaining speculative inquisitiveness for future possibilities and project delivery.



Adam D. Brander

OAA (B.Arch, M.Arch)

Over the past 10 years, Adam has been building Brander Architects from the ground up. As the practice expands across residential, multi-unit, mixed-use, commercial and institutional project sectors, Adam is truly appreciative of the range of projects assigned to the office. He is positive that the diversity of design work strengthens the practice and the project outcomes alike. The team persists diligently on each project to ensure the best design and project delivery is realized. Adam is a licensed architect with the Ontario Association of Architects and Brander Architects Inc. is a registered corporation in the Province of Ontario.


Nilesh Parge

OAA Intern Arch. (B.Arch., M.U.D.)
Architectural Designer

Ingrid Garcia

OAA Intern Arch. (B.Arch., M.E.S.)
Architectural Designer

Maryam Emadzadeh

(B.Arch., M.U.D.)
Architectural Designer

Blain Calderone

Architectural Technologist

project types

Our projects include residential, multi-unit, urban infill, mixed use, commercial and laneway and garden suites.


Multi-unit relates to "smart density". These projects address housing shortages and increase housing diversity.

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urban infill + mixed use

These projects seek to adapt underutilized commercial storefronts to have more space, which supports housing demand and strengthens communities.

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Finding imaginative solutions and delivering them in tangible ways is our M.O. for designing beautiful and functional homes.

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Commercial spaces are designed to optimize for performance while establishing brand identity and adding ease-of-use for the communities they serve.

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promoting positive change and realizing design goals are what drive us.