Feasibility Studies

A good first step in analysing the viability of a proposed project in a specific location. We can provide an initial assessment of the reasonableness of the type, size, scale, and desirability of a proposal, determining next steps, opportunities, (and obstacles) in the pursuit of such a project.

Renovations And Additions

How to decide to blow out the back of a house, build-up, re-work the existing space, or knock over and build new altogether! Existing conditions, design, engineering, and policy framework converge with client goals to establish what’s possible for a project. We facilitate bringing the right possibility to fruition.

Laneway Houses And Garden Suites

Throughout residential zones we are part of a recent crop of new buildings populating the grid in a zone that otherwise has little vacant land for new development. These dwelling types offer some release to housing gridlock, providing opportunities for new and dynamic ways to live.


Often sites are prime locations for alternate uses or densities. A re-zoning application may be needed to adapt the past designation for a site, or group of sites, to be more fitting of the future context and locality. Along with planners, municipal lawyers, and other consultants, we make proposals working alongside City staff for activating future possibilities.

Committee Of Adjustment

Steering small and medium sized projects through Minor Variance and Consent to Sever application processes is proven to be an integral and necessary process for several projects on urban lots where a desire and support for density is present. Larger projects sometimes require applications as well, where municipal lawyers and planners are integral to establish well-rounded, comprehensive, and successful applications.


Adam has appeared as an expert witness at the Ontario Municipal Board.

Site Plan Approval

Bigger projects = bigger due process. Beyond a threshold, the requirements for a building project multiply – a more extensive roster of consultants is required, and coordination among the experts and authorities having jurisdiction is key. Effective communication, teamwork, (and patience) are everything to navigate a well-considered path forward.

Building Design

The core of what we do. An affinity and appreciation for art and science growing up, and the high-school guidance counselor suggesting ‘try architecture?’ has led to fulfilling our ikigai in this profession. While it has been some time since university admissions, the accrued knowledge and experience is something our practice continues to build on from one project to the next. It is how we apply our learning in a way that gives back. We bring together client objectives, planning guidelines, building code requirements, engineering and environmental considerations to a cohesive and comprehensive whole building designs.

Construction Administration

Carrying out construction in keeping with the intents of the design requires collaboration between the construction team and the design team through the construction phase. Providing support and leadership in a timely way keeps construction sites humming. On-the-spot problem solving, efficient communication, and an understanding of trade sequencing and overlap are the ingredients to effective CA services.